ধর্ম কেন ভয়ের বিষয়!

ধর্ম কেন ভয়ের বিষয়! Why religion is a phobia! ধর্ম কেন ভয়ের বিষয়!- আশিস বিশ্বাস, mail: ashishbiswas@rocketmail.com, twitter: @Ashishkbiswas Photo- internet #ধর্ম এখন একটা ভয়ের বিষয় হয়ে দাঁড়িয়েছে…আপনি যদি ভারতে থাকেন, তাহলে আপনি জানেন না, কখন ‘গোমাতা রক্ষাকারী সমিতি’…


Tamim: An extra-ordinary talented boy of Bangladesh!

তামিম: বাংলাদেশের বিস্ময় বালক!

Dhaka (Bangladesh): Tamim Ahmed (13), a student of class VII, an extra-ordinary boy who gained a vast knowledge on history and evolution of private-car and airplane/jet engine.

He can give lecture freely (hours and hours) non-stop on invention to modernization of private-car. Not only that he can predict the next model have what kind of features.


Tamim Ahmed

Rather than, Tamim can give lecture on evolution of aircraft non-stop; hours evenly. He can explain mechanism, methodology of jet engine, Boeing, drone and on military-born helicopter and car.

If you ask a question on system of car, Tamim will start explaining non-stop as like as a robot if you don’t interrupt or further any question to him.

How is it possible! Tamim said, Saukat Ahmed, his father give him opportunity by giving gift books on car, aircraft and different kinds of program in the Internet.


When he do get time, Tamim draw different kinds of private cars and air crafts designs. He draw it with the pencil or in computer. He spend his time on computer (Internet) to study on technology of car and aircraft engine.

When asked several questions on particular brand car Tamim said easily how many models it have and it’s feature and upcoming facilities.

I met with Tamim Ahmed in 01 April 2014 in his residence at Baridhara, an absolutely aristocrat area of Bangladesh. His father Saukat Ahmed and mother Tania Afroz are both fond of music, art, drama and engaged with the social activities.

Many intimate journos and friends have access to the family for their hospitality. Saukat Ahmed is a genius also. He has no academic study on art but his sense is very high. He was a designer of a renowned ad-firm. And mother Tania Afroz is very social, friendly and cultural minded. She does several social activities.

Their house decoration is very artistic. They have room of rain-bath, to watch the moon at night. They have study room with creative adda (gossiping). The house may called a ‘Dream House’.

Tamim is a very talented boy just like as a robot who can speak non-stop of car and aircraft engines topics. Hours, he can pass on giving lecture on these topics without a full stop (.),  is unbelievable!

Tamim w’d be a designer of a branded car company where he can imply his creative designs and planning.

Anybody can contact with Tamim Ahmed with his facebook ID: Tamim Ahmed . And his mother Tania Afroz and father Saukat Amed have facebook ID also. They are proud of Tamim Ahmed, an extra-ordinary talented son.


Tamim’s birthday is 22 November (born in 2002). He has a younger sister named ‘Sara’. Sunday (22 November) is Tamim’s birthday.

We can wish the genius!

(Video clip w’d be add later)

Hubble telescope

Tamim: An extra-ordinary talented boy of Bangladesh

Random Act of Kindness


Let’s all practice Random Act of Kindness as of this year, as of today. It’s a great way to help heal humanity. We should really start doing it ourselves as part of our daily life and not rely on others anymore to make the world a better place.

Random acts of kindness are a means by which we make a deliberate attempt to brighten or help another person or stranger’s day by doing something thoughtful, caring and concerned for them… Those selfless Random acts of kindness are a wonderful way to reach across time and space to touch the life of another being. The power behind such act is extremely impactful and contagious.

It’s something you could do for a complete stranger, but you could also extend it to your family, friends, lover, colleague, community. Integrating it during your stressful daily life is the big ideal, but again you…

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বাতাসে লাশের গন্ধ – রুদ্র মুহাম্মদ শহীদুল্লাহ

কবিতার খাতা

আজো আমি বাতাসে লাশের গন্ধ পাই
আজো আমি মাটিতে মৃত্যূর নগ্ননৃত্য দেখি,
ধর্ষিতার কাতর চিৎকার শুনি আজো আমি তন্দ্রার ভেতরে…
এ দেশ কি ভুলে গেছে সেই দু:স্বপ্নের রাত, সেই রক্তাক্ত সময় ?
বাতাসে লাশের গন্ধ ভাসে
মাটিতে লেগে আছে রক্তের দাগ।
এই রক্তমাখা মটির ললাট ছুঁয়ে একদিন যারা বুক বেঁধেছিলো।
জীর্ণ জীবনের পুঁজে তারা খুঁজে নেয় নিষিদ্ধ আধাঁর,
আজ তারা আলোহীন খাঁচা ভালোবেসে জেগে থাকে রাত্রির গুহায়।
এ যেন নষ্ট জন্মের লজ্জায় আরষ্ট কুমারী জননী,
স্বাধীনতা – একি হবে নষ্ট জন্ম ?
একি তবে পিতাহীন জননীর লজ্জার ফসল ?

জাতির পতাকা খামচে ধরেছে আজ পুরোনো শকুন।

বাতাশে লাশের গন্ধ
নিয়ন আলোয় তবু নর্তকীর দেহে দুলে মাংসের তুফান।
মাটিতে রক্তের দাগ –
চালের গুদামে তবু জমা হয় অনাহারী মানুষের হাড়
এ চোখে ঘুম আসেনা। সারারাত আমার ঘুম আসেনা-
তন্দ্রার ভেতরে আমি শুনি ধর্ষিতার করুণ চিৎকার,
নদীতে পানার মতো ভেসে থাকা মানুষের পচা লাশ
মুন্ডহীন বালিকার কুকুরে খাওয়া বিভৎস্য শরীর
ভেসে ওঠে…

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  • খুঁজে পাওয়া চাই
    – আশিস

    চাইলেই ভালবাসা পাবো,
    এমনতো কেউ নেই
    কেউ চাইলেও
    আমার তো খোঁজ নেই

    দুজনার পথ একপথে এসে
    মিললেই তো হবে না
    হাঁটতেও হবে বহুদূর

    তারপর হাঁটতে হাঁটতে
    চলতে চলতে
    হাতে হাত ধরে
    তারপর পথ চলে
    ভালবাসা হতে পারে

    তারপর হাঁটতে হাঁটতে
    সবুজ পাহাড়, সাগর, সবুজ
    শিশিরের ছোঁয়া পেলে
    ভালবাসা গভীর হতে পারে

    ভালবাসা চাইলেই তো হবে না
    তোমার খোঁজ তো পেতে হবে
    আর আমাকেও তো তোমার খুঁজে পাওয়া চাই…
    তারপর না পথচলা…

Indians turn to Hindu goddesses to help fight sexual predators – thestar.com



The Hindu goddess Durga (Save The Children India).

Can three Hindu goddesses help curb the rash of sexual assaults in India?

With the country in a full-blown crisis as each week brings news of another gang rape or despicable sexual assault, the non-profit Save The Children India is out with a new ad campaign that it hopes will prompt some aggressors to think twice. (The ad already has its critics, who argue the posters won’t give anyone pause.)

The ads, created by Indian ad agency Taproot and described in a story by India Today, feature Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, learning and the arts; Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity; and Durga, a warrior goddess who is often pictured with a lion, holding a gold trident in one of her eight hands.

The goddesses are shown with black eyes and bruises, cuts on their cheeks, drops of blood tearing down their faces. (The ads creators might have considered depicting Durga using her weapon and lion to get some form of creative revenge on her attacker.)


The Hindu goddess Lakshmi (Save The Children India).

“The challenge that the agency faced was how to create a campaign that hit where it hurts the most?” India Today reports. “Inspiration came from the traditional posters that are seen and worshipped across the country. The idea was to take the images of the goddesses the people prayed to and turn them into something that would shock and bring to attention the reality of domestic violence against women.”


The Hindu goddess Saraswati (Save The Children India).

India Today writes that the campaign “simply and effectively captured India’s most dangerous contradiction: that of revering women in religion and mythology even as the nation remained incredibly unsafe for its women citizens–remember the December 16 Delhi gangrape and more recently, the Mumbai Shakti Mills gangrape, or the numerous cases of rape that are reported from across the country every day?”

Opinions of the new ads are mixed.

 One reader named Padmanabhan Jaikumar writes: “These Bruised, battered… these images of goddesses will have no effect on rapists in India particularly persons like Asaram or Delhi and Mumbai gang rapist. If they get a chance wont hesitate to bruise and  molest a women in front of the Goddess too.”

It’s hard to say with certainty just how many women in India are forced to deal with the scourge of rape.

 As Australian journalist Amanda Hodge points out in a recent column for The Australian newspaper, the India media typically give front-page treatment to the rapes of middle- and upper-class Indians, but more often than not overlook the sexual assaults of lower-class women.

Rick Westhead is a foreign affairs writer at The Star. He was based in India as the Star’s South Asia bureau chief from 2008 until 2011 and reports on international aid and development. Follow him on Twitter @rwesthead


Why I left news

Sticky Valentines

Here I am interviewing a Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue official.

I get asked two questions several times a week, and I brush off both with a verbal swat.

One — because I’m in my late 20s, I suppose – is when are you getting married? And the other, because it seems like small talk, is why did you leave the newspaper?

I could answer both with a single word: Money.

But I usually deflect the marriage subject, wrongly justifying it as an acceptable passing question, with a practical reason: I’m not eager to have children. And I answer the news question with something to which my audience can nod along: “It didn’t seem like a sustainable career path.”

But that’s a cold and detached answer. I don’t feel cold and detached about news, and I only give that response under the assumption that people don’t want to hang around for the full story – ironically, the same reason newspapers aren’t really working anymore.


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